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The Association

The "AIKIDO DENTO IWAMA RYU ITALIA" is an amateur sport association regularly affiliated to the National Sports Center Education (CSEN) from 1st January 2005 and recognized by CONI in the National Register of Amateur Sport Associations and Societies with n ° 10,990 and code EPSCSEN5016.

President and legal representative is Master Giuseppe Lenti.

Vice-President is Master Danilo Di Teodoro.

Secretary is Dott. Roman Jachuev .

The first sport association founded by Alessandro Tittarelli was called "Associazione Sportiva AIKI - SHRINE” and its foundation dates back to September 2 1984 in Filottrano (Ancona). The registration to the office of Direct Taxes in Ancona was made on 12 September 1984.

On 11 November 1991 at the home of Giuseppe Lenti in Via Panzini, 18 in Palombina Nuova Ancona, Mr Alessandro Tittarelli, Guerrino Spada, Giuseppe Lenti, Paolo Clementi, Angelo Santilli and Renzo Tombesi meet to sign the act of foundation of "IWAMA RYU" Sport Association. The stamp of the Office of Registry of Ancona is dated 28 November 1991. Article 1 of the Statute of the Association, then drafted, said: The “IWAMA RYU “ Sport Association, whose aim is the study, practice and development of traditional Iwama Aikido and the organization and participation in sport meetings according to Italian Federations' regulations that rule such meetings, by becoming member of the above mentioned Federations, accepts their regulations........................................

On November 30th 2004, by resolution of the Governing Council, the name of the association was changed from "IWAMA RYU Sport Association" to "Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica AIKI SHUREN DOJO ANCONA" (“Amateur Sport Association AIKI SHUREN DOJO ANCONA”). The name changed again the 26th of October 2011, from "A.S.D. AIKI SHUREN DOJO ANCONA" to the present "A.S.D. AIKIDO DENTO IWAMA RYU ITALIA".

The head office is in Via Panzini, 18, Palombina Nuova, Ancona, while the Dojo remained in Via Gervasoni no. 19 (Police Headquarter Gym) in Ancona.