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The Sensei of Aikido

O' Sensei Morihei Ueshiba - AIKIDO
Morihiro Saito Aikido Dento Iwama Ryu
Hitohira Saito Aikido Dento Iwama Ryu
Alessandro Tittarelli Aikido Dento Iwama Ryu

Aikido is

In Japan, Aikido is considered the most highly-evolved form of martial art and even though it derives from traditional combat arts (ju-jutsu, ken-jutsu ecc...)...

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On 20 April, 2005 a covenant has been signed by M° Alessandro Tittarelli, the person in charge of "SHIN SHIN AIKIDO" and the President of the CSEN (National Educational Sporting Centre), Professor Francesco Proietti, and by the person responsible for the martial arts sector of CSEN, Master Giuliano Clinori, to ratify and accept the membership of SHIN SHIN AIKIDO under the umbrella of the Martial Arts Sector of CSEN. The nominated secretary of the new born section, Michele Marolla, was also present at the signing of the covenant.



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